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Biggest surprise yet (happy mothers day mom!) - duration 2039.   my wife is five years younger than me and her mom was only17 when my wife was born so im only 12 years younger. Honestly, id have gladly taken either of them on that first date. Heck, my wife and her sister often say that i was their moms favorite. Take over some of the household chores your wife usually handles, make dinner and clean up afterwards, or take the kids out for the afternoon so your wife can get some rest.   the problems begin when you say your spouse is too this or not enough that. We all judge, obviously its natural and normal but we all hate to be judged. If you express judgment to your wife, shes likely to become defens. Her mother was good-looking and very nice, and as time went on, we developed a close relationship.   my wife wants me to sleep with her mother (my mother in law)? First off, please take the time to read the whole thing, as it wont take long because ive bullet-pointed the main parts. I know this sounds kinda out of the ordinary and so many will just think troll. When my wife asked if her mother can move into our home, i couldnt say no. I will not put any blame, however since my mother in law moved into our home, i feel that i cannot have a normal relationship with my wife.   my wife, a stay-at-home mom, expects too much of me when i come home from work he goes to work and takes care of the bills.   i understand that she should inform you, which means in general we need to tell our partner where we are going. This is to make sure that there is nothing else which would require our attention at the time and also.

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